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do Now or Never

Yes you do

Posted by Erwin on June 5, 2008

You mean
More than anything
To me yes you do
To me
You made my dark days brighter
Yes you do

Hoe the lifes
Above it sailing into the sunset
With you..our love
In my heart, goodbye
Mon amour

You make life is brighter
Yes you do

Yes you do (we shall wait)
Though you’re so far away
Yes you do (we shall wait)
Yes you do (we shall wait)
You’re my night and my day
Yes you do

You spoke to me
With your eyes
Understand with my heart
When you said je t’aime, mon amour

It’s not goodbye
Just, au revoir
Because I knew
Someday, someway
We’ll meet again, mon amour

Yes you do, by. Maureen Kelly

4 Responses to “Yes you do”

  1. sadli said

    By the way, lagu Yes you do, by Maureen Kelly ini tahun kapan ya coy???
    enak nih coyy..

    Yes you do by Maureen Kelly dinyanyikan pada tahun 70-an

  2. henda teguh bakti said

    bisa minta chords lagu yes you do maureen kelly,gan,tks…

    Silahkan kunjungi link berikut:

  3. Wahyu AG Saputra said

    Lagu ini pakai bahasa British English atau American English ya?

    soalnya bagian “You made my dark days brighter” terdengar seperti American
    kalo yang “With you..our love In my heart” terdengar seperti British

    tolong di jawab ya, makasih ^_^

    Dear mas Wahyu,
    Menurut saya, secara umum gaya bahasa yang dipakai adalah American English.
    Tapi barangkali ada yang lebih tahu mengenai hal ini.
    Informasi mengenai Maureen Kelly sangat minim di internet.


  4. Hendra irawan said

    Nice …

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