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CDNlink Project

Posted by Erwin on May 14, 2015



Network simulation is often used to verify analytical models, generalize the measurement results, evaluate the performance of new protocols and compare existing protocols. However, some simulators have potential problems such as the limitation of functionalities or many of bugs of codes that make harder to use simulators. In order to overcome this problem, it is important to use a credible simulation tool which is easy to use; more flexible in model development, modification and validation; and incorporates appropriate analysis of simulation output data, pseudo-random number generators, and statistical accuracy of the simulation results.

We design our CDN network simulator named as Content Distribution Network System on MatLab Simulink designed as a Network Simulator (CDNlink), a model-based design, and discrete event network simulator. The CDNlink is designed with SimEvent toolbox.

Network Design

The following is my network design for some nodes. Please fell free to improve the design.

Simulation Implementation

  1. Load Balancing
  2. Request routing

For request routing simulation, CDNlink is built with two type of design. The first design is a CDN with DNS-based request routing, and the second one is CDN with Router-based request routing.

More information

Please feel free to contact me.

Erwin Harahap
WestLab – Hiroaki Nishi Laboratory,
Dept. of Computer Science,
Keio University, Japan.


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