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CDNlink Server v.2.0

Posted by Erwin on August 28, 2015

The following is my design of Server v.2.0 for CDNlink created on MatLab Simulink 2015a with SimEvent toolbox. I have made big changes from the previous version.

CDNlink Server v.2.0

CDNlink Server v.2.0

The sub-system of load analysis is given in the figure below. This sub-system is calculated as moving average as well. In the current system, I set the load’s moving average in 10 sec. The duration time of moving average can be changed inside the sub-system.

Load Analysis of CDNlink Server v.2.0

Load Analysis of CDNlink Server v.2.0

As for your intention, this router design is an integration part from a big system that called as CDNlink.

CDNlink - Cluster 1


In current time, I use a WIDE Topology. More information about WIDE can be found in its formal website


The simulation is running well under the following platform: Win7 64bit, i7 proc, and 16Gb ram.

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