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System Starts but Blank Monitor [Solved/Closed]

Posted by Erwin on June 14, 2016

The Systems starts but not power up, cpu fan, VGA fan, cases fans are running, Harddisk running as well, but no POST. Monitors blank no life. I have spent time like more than 10 hours straight but no luck. I’m frustrated. I have done everything, like thousands time plug unplug cables, every tiny cable, RAM, VGA, VGA cable to monitors, even fan cable, but zero results. Monitors still blank.

I almost gave up, I have replaced the power supply with the new one with 500 watts output power, very expensive. But the results give the same with the previous old power supply. Then when I try (again) to strengthen the connectors to the motherboard, by mistakes I touch the CMOS battery and the system is powered up for a short time. All fans are turn on, but then off again. Suddenly I do something by try and error. I removed the CMOS battery and turn on the PC. The system starts with still blank but with periodical beeping. I turn off the system, set back the CMOS battery to its place, and turn back on.

Aaaannndddd, the system is starts and powered up. Both 2 monitors give signals. The systems are back and running fine.

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